Programmer Team

In order to obtain a quality program that meets the requirements. Programmer and customer acceptance of all of us have dedicated significant time, effort tenacity. The combined experience of more than 15 years Programmer to program-related business to the restaurant. The needs of customers in more than 200 companies from five countries and the development of technological knowledge. Programmer of the modern day Cyber ​​POS product that combines the experience. And can be the best for the restaurant business. And beverages. Combined with the technology. Programmer is the most advanced team ensures we deliver the best products to help make your business work and moving towards the desired goal. And is ahead of competitors. For sure. 

CyberPOS Inventory

Warehouse Management Software. Systems and the production order. Or materials from the central kitchen. The central kitchen products or raw materials. Directly to the restau&

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CyberPOS CRM for Restaurant

Membership Management Software. Allows executives to analyze. And understand the needs of its members while helping to promote. Members were satisfied. And re-use of goods and services continued.

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CyberPOS Data Warehouse

Program that helps to collect large data. And provides reports that allow administrators to analyze the relationship of the data and predict likely outcomesthat may occur.

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CyberPOS Buffet Restaurant

Sale restaurant management program. Buffet type. The most popular. Support for multiple branches with intelligent reporting allows administrators to analyze the relationship. And predict the results likely to occur at the same time, it's ea

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